Death: A View from the Moon

This enchanting letter comes from Graham Jones in the UK (or the moon), just in time to help spread the word about Friday’s death event at New York’s Rubin Museum:

Looking back from the moon, it’s easy to see the little humans always getting stuck.
I was a human once but I seem to have grown out of it, I’ve become something else since I’ve been on the moon. It’s damn tough here but things I don’t care about any more are religion, politics or any kind of arguing or squabbling. We all have the food and warmth we need so I suppose we don’t have to fight over things but all that thinking and wondering has kind of gone altogether.
I’m not worried about death either, that’s all gone as well. I don’t believe in death anymore. I don’t think I ever did but because humans go on about it so much I got indoctrinated. I know bodies die or change and move on to different forms but I don’t see why that should be the end. When you live here you can’t imagine things ending forever, it’s an indulgent sort of thinking. This is the thing that humans have got wrong, they become self indulgent and obsessed with themselves. You can’t here, you see from Gods eye but there is no God, there’s just this. You realise that this thing that humans think is God is just this. We have it here all the time. It’s no big deal.
The problem with the human view is that because they are so obsessed with themselves they worry all the time about death which isn’t even real. If they could just relax they’d realise that their worry about death makes them worry about life.
Also they don’t realise that their body is not really them. Their bodies pull them down and make them think that when it dies they die. Up here we can see that this is nonsense, it doesn’t make sense. Also now, I don’t have to get dragged into all this or any particular way of thinking. I seem to be free of it all, great!
Sometimes on earth humans go up mountains and get to see some of this but mostly because they’re surrounded by each other all the time they can’t get free of themselves and their ideas. Even if someone does get a bit free they get thought of as mad and then ignored or made fun of or killed.
This is why from up here we feel sadness for them. I’m glad I came here because being able to see what’s true is such a relief.