Levitating Alien Mind Gods

After months of delays and excuses, I finally got around to doing an interview with Jeffrey Kripal, a religion professor at Rice University. It’s now up at The Immanent Frame. He’s one of the great oddballs in the study of religion today, about whom grad students whisper to each other, “It’s like he actually believes…

Killing the Buddha

I Need My Pain!

There’s nothing like seeing an old friend come up with something awesome. That’s just what I got to do last night, blessedly; at Dixon Place, the experimental performance space on New York’s Lower East Side, I caught a reading of Krista Knight’s new play, Phantom Band. Krista is an amazing young playwright who is now finishing…

"Christus Statue in Visitors Center on Temple Square" by benmckune, via Flickr.

Jesus in Space

Mormon astronauts: take me with you!

Killing the Buddha

Death: A View from the Moon

This enchanting letter comes from Graham Jones in the UK (or the moon), just in time to help spread the word about Friday’s death event at New York’s Rubin Museum: Looking back from the moon, it’s easy to see the little humans always getting stuck. I was a human once but I seem to have…

Killing the Buddha

Does Science Need Religion?

When one is out to study religion, or to cover the religion beat, it can be awfully tempting to see religion everywhere you look as the all-satisfying explanation for everything. It’s the whole if-you-have-a-hammer-everything-looks-like-a-nail effect, right? Today at Religion Dispatches I’ve got a review of the new book by Steve Fuller, a rather audacious and…

"UFO cloud!" by storymary, via Flickr.

Clouds, When Determined By Context

On the sci-fi roots of modern fundamentalism.

The 12th Planet

The Most Controversial 89-year-old Man in New York

I’ve just been one-upped by The New York Times, and I’m glad of it. In October, 2008, I did an essay for The Smart Set in tribute to my favorite “ancient astronaut” theorists, the greatest of which is without question Zecharia Sitchin. About him, I wrote: The idea goes like this: If you read the…


The 2012ologists

Hollywood flies to Jackson Hole to hash out the apocalypse.

Killing the Buddha

Priests in Space

Souls are souls, even extraterrestrial But please, dear Vatican astronomers, take a moment and read The Sparrow @

"When I finally recognize his costume, I smile, shake my head, and say, 'Look at you!'"

Prime Directive

This Halloween, how about wearing a truly monstrous costume? A haunting excerpt from A Good War is Hard to Find