Former Satanic Drag Queens Unite!

Alan Chambers’ Exodus ministry may  have changed its orientation from pray-away-the-gay to we-speak-love, but old school ex-gay pride is not without a home—or a dedicated month. September is Ex-gay Awareness Month, and Parents and Friends of Ex-gays and Gays (PFOX) will celebrate on the 30th by bringing its decidedly-not-gay concerns to Washington. After the day’s lobbying, a new-ish group called Voice of the Voiceless will present the first annual “Courage Award for Former Homosexuals.” The award’s inaugural honoree is Trace McNutt, a former satanic drag performer who testifies of finding through Jesus both heavenly salvation and a cure for his HIV.

Are ex-gays truly “voiceless”?  Do they need an advocacy group? Right now, it’s a small contingent. But VotV’s Christopher Doyle notes that they only really need ONE ex-gay to make their case. Maybe they should just appoint this woman, hilarious ex-gay standup comic, Christina. At least Washington would be laughing with them.