On Love and Chicken Sandwiches

Dear Cathy Family of Chik-Fil-A Fame, Recent Donors of Chicken Sandwiches to Honor the Orlando Victims, in Spite of Their Gayness, or Perhaps Because of It, I Don’t Know: You…

Photo by Verónica Capriglioni.

Over the Rainbow

Gay Argentinians’ views on marriage, legal or not, are still shaped by forces beyond their control.

Killing the Buddha

Former Satanic Drag Queens Unite!

Alan Chambers’ Exodus ministry may  have changed its orientation from pray-away-the-gay to we-speak-love, but old school ex-gay pride is not without a home—or a dedicated month. September is Ex-gay Awareness…


“Research and Therapy of Homosexuality”: A Flow Chart

The Boy Scouts of America are voting today to decide whether to accept gay boys in the organization. I’ve been preparing for this historic event by reading some phenomenal material…