I Was A Teenage Lemming God

A harmless rodent with vast existential consequences.


Gods With Wet Noses

We are human because they are dog.


Crocodile Prayers

A reptilian pilgrimage in Spain.

In bloom peach tree orchard in western Colorado.


A drama in three vignettes.


A Wonder-Cabinet of Creation(ism)

Snakes appear in almost every one of the museum’s exhibits, perhaps as a reminder of Satan’s lone virtue: persistence.

Animal Altars: All dressed up in the flesh of the dead. By Beatrice Marovich with Krista Dragomer.

Animal Altars

All dressed up in the flesh of the living dead.



Once again, a woman is tempted by a snake.


Atheists Bank on the Rapture

Never mind friends and family who’ll be left behind when you’re Raptured—what about those you really love? Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, “The next best thing to pet salvation in a Post Rapture World,” promises “to step in when you step up to Jesus.” Purchase a ten-year Rapture insurance plan for just $110, and rest easy, knowing…

Killing the Buddha

Woof ‘n’ Worship

From the Private Journal of Rev. Tom Eggebeen— November the 22nd, year of our Lord 2009 Woof ‘n’ Worship! My wild fancy has taken root and grown, grown beyond my most fervid imaginings. My sanctuary brims with gentlemen and ladies and their animal companions, all come to share the Good News of Our Lord Jesus…


When Gods Disappear

The brothers were racing for the sun. What brothers don’t create such fantastic games of competition and daring, even when they are gods? Especially if they are gods. Jatayu and Sampati were the vulture gods, soaring upon seven-foot wings higher and higher. Jatayu was winning. But the sun was hot, and Jatayu too determined to…

Raphael, Saint Michael and the Dragon, c. 1503 - 1505

The Snake Hunters

You can only fight what you can see.

Killing the Buddha

When God Created Pigeons

When God created pigeons he probably thought: Man needs a flying crap vacuum as he reached down into his big bag of rocks and took his Bubbalicious bubblegum out of his mouth and made two little feet. Then he waved his magic wand over his creation, said something in Pig Latin and sprinkled a little…

Killing the Buddha

Converting Vegetarians

First, a soundtrack. Our new friend Videoboy Matt’s song “

All photos by Katherine Wright.

Why We Hunt

Lost in the crosshairs, the gun was a little too big and the hunter a little too small.

All photos by Munir Virani of the Peregrine Fund

The Bright Half of Bhadra

In the forests of Rajasthan resides the god of invisible things.


A Vegan Fast

Christos anesti. Over the years I’ve used the season of Lent as a sort of laboratory for experiments with truth. Perhaps that’s not the most properly penitential way to go about these 40 days of fasting, which should be more outwardly directed than inwardly, calling us out of ourselves to service, repentance, giving, and recognition…

By b-leam via Flickr

Prayers of a Bird and Boy

A bird. A boy. An impossible pause.