Cartwheels in a Sari

When you grow up cult, you learn to keep your mouth shut.

By W. David Powell


This is what you do when you love someone. Not just like. Only if you’re in love.

By ashley.adcox via Flickr

Silver Trumpets

The rise and fall of a cussin’ campus Christian rock star.


Tea with God

After a lifetime spent looking for God, Sue finally finds him. And he’s pretty steamy.

illustration by W. David Powell


On learning to inhale, and a breeze of insignificance. Another excerpt from Greg Bottoms’ new book, Fight Scenes

Fight Scenes


To be a lover and a car thief on a Saturday morn


When Hunger Can’t Be Fed

Remembering to eat, and live, when the stuff of life becomes unpalatable.

The Ten Plagues, detail


A Passover reading from Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible.

"I’ve never had a student fail with me,” he said. "But with you something is different."

Dreading the Buzzer

A tale of God, lies and audiotape.

Sudanese street scene

Drinking in Tongues

In Sudan, a wayward youth faces the wrath of Mom, Dad, and Allah.

"I began to pray for forgiveness, thinking the cherries might line up, the machine spilling shiny tokens of good fate."

Slot-Machine God

When beliefs can change as easily as the weather, so do your chances of hitting the jackpot — or experiencing revelation.


Ignoble Truths

Life’s a bitch and then you die. Sex, suffering, and the Buddha’s First Noble Truth.

“It’s hard to be a priest,” says Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk

Confessions of an Ex-Seminarian

Porn, drugs and the devil in a Cincinnati seminary. And that’s nothing compared to the sins of the archbishop.

Killing the Buddha

The Doctrine of Sugar

Chocolate, cherry pie, and all that can’t be left behind.


The Mucus

Catholics. Sex. Insert punchline here.