Help Me Roll Away the Stone

The life of an unusual Chicago church.

Killing the Buddha

What’s Your Calling?

If someone were to ask you what your calling was, what would you say? The facial expressions in the first ten seconds of this say it all: What’s Your Calling?…

Closeup of Blue Chevrotina Cheese, by Stewart Butterfield, via Wikimedia Commons

The Benedictine Rule of Cheese Ecology

What does the microbial biology of cheese have to do with Benedictine spirituality? Mother Noella Marcellino—nun, cheesemaker, and microbiologist—of the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, CT, didn’t find her…

"Croik Church, pulpit" by Lee Carson, via Flickr

Faithful Apostasy

What do the “preachers who are not believers” not believe?

Left to right: Bertrand, an unidentified friend, Sister Benen Kent and Britten in 1967.

Shattered Faith in Two Parts

Women victims are the latest to find a voice in the Catholic abuse scandal, but who will listen to their song?

Killing the Buddha

A Sigh of Relief

We just got a powerful letter from “Gabe.” Messages like this make all our Buddha killing feel worthwhile: I have just read the article, “[Shattered Faith in Two Parts],” and…

Killing the Buddha

Blinded By Science

Remember Paul Shanley? He was said to be the worst of the pedophile priests, sentenced in 2005 to 12-15 years. But soon, he’ll get another day in court, as Massachusetts’…

"I mopped thin stripes along the floor, careful to let one dry before beginning another."

The Word Made Strange

How does the son of fallen clergy rebel? He tries to become a monk. An excerpt from Vows: The Story of a Priest, a Nun, and their Son, now available in paperback.

“I wonder if I will fall over, under the power of the Spirit of God…”

Fresh! Joy!

Not quite slain in the spirit at Oral Roberts University.

"When they turn toward the ocean, I'm standing there, shoving another monk into the waves."

Pushing Monks

Lost at sea on a flotilla of enlightenment.

Bostoner Rebbe

In the Court of the Bostoner Rebbe

A black hat diaspora in the city on the hill.

The Consecration of Bishop V. Gene Robinson

Souls on Ice

In a New Hampshire hockey rink, a gay bishop skates into Episcopal history.