The Minister’s Handyman

An excerpt from Pitiful Criminals, published this week by Counterpoint Press. Drawings by W. David Powell.

Devil N House"

In the Devil House

People always told Frank Jones that he was special.

Photo of Ofelia Rivas by Jason Jacks for The Sierra Club.

Today Needs Another Name

This Columbus Day, the spirit of 1492 is alive and well.

First Baptist Church at Greene Street at Eigth Street in Augusta, Georgia, birthplace of the Southern Baptist Convention. Photo by Sir Mildred Pierce, via Flickr.

All Part of His Plan

A new book bears witness to Baptist sexual abuse.

From "Holy Rollers," courtesy of First Independent Pictures.

High Like a Hasid

Big hats, good money, ecstatic pills.

"the Clinquant of Hope" by Derrick T via Flickr

Juan Lucas

Can a man be better than his rap sheet?

Public Arts Project Proposal, 2005

No Hate Crimes (Reported)

A friendly reminder to keep the count running.

Reflection of the Angel Caido in Madrid, based on the fallen angel in Milton's <em>Paradise Lost</em>

Jack, Jill, Todd, Darren

The truth is on another channel.