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Narrative of a Moneyless elf

Recounting the challenges and benefits of life in the commons, without currency or government documents.


Believer, Beware! Resurrected

Believer, Beware is now available for the first time as an e-book! The 2009 anthology of the best of the first incarnation of KtB features irreverent yet heartbreaking personal essays from some of our favorite writers, including Jeff Sharlet, Peter Manseau, Laurel Snyder, Stephen Prothero, Patton Dodd, and Mary Valle. See the full list below.…



Longtime KtB contributor Gordon Haber has a new novella just published as an Amazon Kindle Single. It’s exciting… a romantic comedy about a young writer working as a teacher on the fringes of Hollywood who finally feels fortune within his grasp after a mysterious encounter… it’s got the best title ever: Adjunctivitis. …and it’s  only…