Believer, Beware! Resurrected

Believer, Beware is now available for the first time as an e-book!

Art by Danica Novgorodoff

The 2009 anthology of the best of the first incarnation of KtB features irreverent yet heartbreaking personal essays from some of our favorite writers, including Jeff Sharlet, Peter Manseau, Laurel Snyder, Stephen Prothero, Patton Dodd, and Mary Valle. See the full list below. And all this great reading can be now yours for only $4.99, the proceeds from which go to support the continued resurrection of Killing the Buddha. Now available on Kindle, iBooks and others coming soon.

Catherine Allgor, The Doctrine of Sugar
Daniel Brenner, Please Don’t Feed The Prophet
Seth Castleman, Way Past Jersey
Jill Hamburg Coplan, Searching for Sufis
Mark Dery, Jesus is Just Alright
Patton Dodd, I Am a Sea
Rebecca Donner, The Only Truth That Mattered
Elizabeth Frankenberger, Sects & the City
Gordon Haber, The Only Jew For Miles
Erik Hanson, Bible Porn
Bia Lowe, Seeing Things
Ashley Makar, My Holy Ghost People
Peter Manseau, Jew Like Me
Paul W. Morris, Ouga Chaka Zen
Quince Mountain, Cowboy for Christ
Danica Novgorodoff, Cover Art
EJ Park, Joy of Dissent
Michael Allen Potter, God is Electric, Jesus Electrochemical
Stephen Prothero, Niche of Prayer
Irina Reyn, I Was a Pre-pubescent Messiah
Ben Rutter, Agnostic Front
Naomi Seidman, Raised by Jews
Jeff Sharlet, Everybody Has A Mother, And They All Die
Laurel Snyder, Pardon All Our Fucking Iniquities
Meera Subramanian, Banana Slug Psalm
Danielle Trussoni, The Temple Door
Tim Tyson, The Cross and the Color Line
Mary Valle, The Mucus
Jesse Vega-Frey, Hunger is God’s Food
Hasdai Westbrook, Dreading the Buzzer
Jeff Wilson, Barbershop Dharma