Latin America

Clouds and light facing west down the Beagle Channel. Photo by author.

The End of the Earth

Bringing the gospel where it isn’t really wanted.

"Talking Ayahuasca" by Ayahuasca_Pix via Flikr.


Feeling the Vision in Peru.

Alas, Poor Símon

Hugo Chavez Prays on Twitter

The December issue of Harper’s includes some pretty intriguing translated tweets by Hugo Chavez, the socialist president of Venezuela. Chavez has always had a touchy relationship with religion; he’s gone…

Mural by Juan O'Gorman in the town library of Patzcuaro, Mexico. Photo by Howie S., at Western Civ.

Paradise for Pagans

Thomas More’s Utopia was a joke that nobody got—especially in the New World.

“Romero is always present,” says Ana Grande, 30. A 2005 mural by J. Reyes Yasbek entitled Verdad y Justicia (“Truth and Justice”) attests to Romero’s continuing legacy in the struggle for social justice. All photos by Richard Amesbury.


Archbishop Romero’s legacy survives in El Salvador.

The Fortune Teller (detail), 1628

Reading Signs for the General

When the stars fail to align, a fortune teller makes her own future.