Killing the Buddha

The Pope and Selfishness: Contradictions and Fictions

It was a record-scratching, “hold up, wait a minute” moment a few days ago when Pope Francis, who had just a couple of weeks back told Catholics that they don’t need to “breed like rabbits,” followed that up by stating that “the choice not to have children is selfish.” KtB editor Mary K. Valle and…

Photo by Verónica Capriglioni.

Over the Rainbow

Gay Argentinians’ views on marriage, legal or not, are still shaped by forces beyond their control.


The Gospel of Primordial Androgyny

Forget one man, one woman. Jesus’s marriage could have been much, much more interesting.

Lookalikes of Kate Middleton, Britain's Prince William and Queen Elizabeth stand outside a church during a media event in London. From Reuters.

Prince William Ate My Religion

The royal wedding is a reminder of what’s wrong with Anglicanism.

God's Recycling

Possible Future Child-Slavery Plans

“… minutes after witnessing the marriage of his 15-year-old daughter in Nevada, the 41-year-old Oler collected a 15-year-old bride of his own and took her home to Bountiful.” (source) Warren Jeffs, under fire for his part in a possible Canadian girl-smuggling operation, may have had other plans as well, as revealed by notes in his…

Still from "Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then."

Falling Up

The fate of an unanswered prayer in Brent Green’s Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then.

Heavenly Protest

Aharon Friedman: Messiah Stopper

What’s stopping the Messiah from coming? It’s you, Jewish husbands who refuse to give your wives “gets” and thus create agunots—women who are legally divorced but cannot marry again in the Jewish faith—at least according to Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld of Washington. Regarding the refusal of Aharon Friedman, a Republican tax counsel on the House Ways…

Unmarriage until gay marriage

Reverend Billy’s Un-Wedding Album

On Valentine’s Day 2010, over 50 straight couples gathered in the snow in front of the Bethesda Angel in Central Park for a mass Rev. Moon-style ritual of Unmarriage.  Led by activist and performance artist Rev. Billy, these couples signed certificates of unmarriage and ceremoniously suspended their vows. They promised to stay committed but unmarried…

Killing the Buddha

That Anglican Divorce Thing (Again!)

Your Holiness, we didn’t see this one coming— Anglican congregations are divorcing—amicably! They’re all “No thanks, Rome, we’re cool. We’re even praying for each other.” We know, Your Holiness. They can pray all they want, they’re still heretics. Your Holiness? (Muttered German cursing; swishing of silken robes; furious soft padding of Prada slippers) @

Killing the Buddha

Better No Father than a “Father” Father

When a handsome, mustachioed Franciscan offers you his own special brand of “marriage counseling” Run as fast as your little Catholic legs can carry you @news

Killing the Buddha

Unusual Suspects

Dan Gilgoff explains why the Sotomayor nomination hearings may not be so predictable after all on his U.S. News and World Report blog, God and Country. In The Guide, the magazine of gay travel, entertainment, politics, and sex, veteran religious right watcher Doug Ireland notes that Obama’s rightward moves on matters of concern to Christian…


Silent Infidelity

Lust and love in the Mennonite Church.

"Faith is not a style."

A Slut for Faith

Leaving God at the altar, and other tips for marital bliss.


The Domovoi

Can an ancient Russian ghost shed some light on a modern marriage in trouble?

"Ian is baptised," from My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Baptism

It’s all Greek to them. Sacraments are just obstacles when a family’s tradition is at stake.