mental illness


Evangelical Anxiety

We did not do therapy. “Psychoheresy,” some called it.


Fundies and Aspies

Ned Spodos has seen it from both sides.

Wall of room in Ward Retreat 1 at St. Elizabeth's psychiatric hospital in Washington, D.C. Via the Otis Historical Archives National Museum of Health and Medicine.

A Message from Prison

When somebody just needs to disappear.

the fountain [explored] by It's Holly / © Some rights reserved.

Jesus, PI, and the Case of the Liberating Curse

Speaking in riddles and a four-letter finale.

Clarence Schmidt. Photo by David E. Johnson, via Flickr.

Mountainous Harmony and Everlasting Peace

Great art meets faulty wiring.

Still from the movie "Ghost," with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze (1990).

The Sexologist’s Secret

What a radical Victorian feminist really knew about love.

Sister Mary

Stay Out of the Stacks!

Readers—our Communicant, Mary Valle, has been missing for a few days. She was last seen telling her husband she was going to do a little research in the KtB archives…

Killing the Buddha

Cancer, Reality, and Mania

Paul R. Mazur, MD, MPH, from Northport, Maine, writes in with a letter about Mary Valle’s weekend essay about cancer-ward poetry, “Doggerel Fails Me“: Courageous bit of writing by Mary…

A little nutzo, maybe?

Are Saints Sane?

Fordham University’s Center on Religion and Culture’s recent forum Religion & Madness: Spirituality & Pathology used the medium of theater to explore the connection between spirituality and mental illness. As…

"It isn't about the absence of germs."

Getting Clean

What is the sound of one hand washing again and again and again?

Art by Michael Allen Potter

God is Electric, Jesus Electrochemical

The author goes in search of God and his birth mother. Only one gets found.

Edith Wharton, b. 1862 - "'Edith? Is that you?' 'Yes,' the pen wrote, wobbling a little on its inky point."


What do you call yourself when names like skin can be shed?



What if every prince or pope who ever stoned or burned the Chosen People had a party in your head?