Lapham's Quarterly: "Food."

Reality-Based Eating

We live in an imperfect world, so why not find a way to enjoy it? In the current “Food” issue of Lapham’s Quarterly, KtB regular (and, now, father!) Scott Korb has a provocative essay, combining his experience as a recovered self-righteous vegan with the syllabus of the food-writing course he teaches. He glues these together with…

Killing the Buddha

Goshen College’s Star-Spangled Problem

At first glance, Goshen College’s decision to scrap the national anthem at sporting events due to the anthem’s violent lyrics might appear to be yet another case of anti-American liberal godlessness. But actually, this time, what’s at work is the conservative Anabaptist theology undergirding this private Christian college affiliated with the historically pacifist Mennonite Church…


Norway Worships Warship, Not Its Namesake

Attention, everyone: the Norwegian navy just got a new warship. It is 440 feet long, featuring anti-surface naval strike missiles, Sea Sparrow missile air-defense missiles, and an anti-aircraft gun and torpedo system. I’m not usually a follower of Scandinavian military technology. But this ship has an unusual name: HMNS Thor Heyerdahl. Maybe you recognize it.…

drawing by colorpix.be

Kung Fu Dharma

The journey from Vipassana to Kickyourassana.