this woman is reflecting on herself by looking in the mirror

When A Guru Says “Get Over Yourself,” Beware

#MeToo moments in Buddhism and psychotherapy.

Still from "Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then."

Falling Up

The fate of an unanswered prayer in Brent Green’s Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then.

Still from the movie "Ghost," with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze (1990).

The Sexologist’s Secret

What a radical Victorian feminist really knew about love.

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Long Live the Occult

Over at BigThink, Mitch Horowitz gives a whirlwind tour of American occultism, from its Renaissance origins to New Age spirituality, from Lincoln’s White House séances to quantum physics, from the…

Elsewhere on the behaviorist research scene, a cat learns to fire a cannon.

NYT Buries Researcher’s Ex-gay Legacy

Twenty days after his death, and long after KtB did so, the Times finally got around to publishing a piece on autism pioneer Ivar Lovaas. The article is fairly long…

Killing the Buddha

A Behaviorist’s Ex-gay Legacy

Since Dr. Ivar Lovaas died last week, he’s been memorialized tenderly on autism sites and elsewhere. I remember learning about Lovaas in my community college Pscyh 101 class. He’s rightfully…


No Utopias

“Hope is a kind of religion, and religions don’t work.”

Gestalt Mugs

“Gestalt Prayer” Fixes Everything

Stop searching now, Buddha-killers. I have the answer. I stumbled upon it while reading For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of Experts’ Advice to Women by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre…

Killing the Buddha

Eden as Asylum

Lars von Trier’s Antichrist takes this reviewer through her soul’s own dark nights.

Hildegard von Bingen, bronze statue by Karl-Heinz Oswald, 1998.

Informed Worship

Saint Hildegard and the science of religious experience.

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The What of God?

A chat with Robert Wright on his new monster, The Evolution of God.

Killing the Buddha

The Metaphysics of Anxiety

An insightful note came in today from one Michael Bush, referring to the first phrase of our Manifesto, “Killing the Buddha is a religion magazine for people made anxious by…

Andre mural from Fellowship Place, painted by Erin Drake.

The Real Truth About Alien Abductions

The over-drugged and under-loved make their own way in the world, even when the FBI tries to make them forget.

Art by Michael Allen Potter

God is Electric, Jesus Electrochemical

The author goes in search of God and his birth mother. Only one gets found.


Ignoble Truths

Life’s a bitch and then you die. Sex, suffering, and the Buddha’s First Noble Truth.

Caravaggio: The Sacrifice of Isaac (Detail)

Bunnies, Ducks, and One Great Dane

How Kierkegaard stole my faith.


Vow to Bow

A New Year’s resolution to honor Buddha means good exercise for those who keep it — and bad karma for those who don’t.



What if every prince or pope who ever stoned or burned the Chosen People had a party in your head?