Communion on Chemo

I’m still one of those strangers praying for others.


Happy Hopkins Eve

This being Baltimore, we’re celebrating Christmas Eve morning by gathering around the grave of Johns Hopkins. He’s buried in the expansive Greenmount Cemetery, which is now located in the so-called…

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Officer, I Can Explain

Even the law is telling me not to fuck things up.

Most Holy Rosary.

The Desiccated Finger of Fate

I reported to the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center yesterday for an appointment in the Avon Foundation Breast Center(!). The first thing I saw as I exited the parking structure was…

Killing the Buddha

Two Big New God Debates

You may not be as big a fan of debates about the existence of God as I am (I’m writing a whole book about them), but maybe you care enough…

Killing the Buddha

Comforted by “Cancertainment”

Febz Beloy writes in from the Philippines with a note about Mary Valle’s essay “That’s Cancertainment!“: In its own odd little way, I find your article comforting. My mother has…

Note to cancer by author.

That’s Cancertainment!

Sexy corpses and smug survivors: cancer gets its own TV show.

Illustration by the author.

Farewell, Little Piece of Me!

Skin-punch biopsies in remembrance of Christ.

Illustration by the author.

Mottled, Speckled, Blooming in Colors

Medical report: “riddled with … indurations, erythemas, hematomas” I’d prefer to think of my thighs as some of Fr. Hopkins’ “dappled” or “brindled” things

Killing the Buddha

Cancer, Reality, and Mania

Paul R. Mazur, MD, MPH, from Northport, Maine, writes in with a letter about Mary Valle’s weekend essay about cancer-ward poetry, “Doggerel Fails Me“: Courageous bit of writing by Mary…

Killing the Buddha

Doctor Talks Sense to Faith-Healing Cardinal

“It would be a brave person that used prayer instead of conventional treatment for a curable cancer—it’s a complementary practice,” Dr Goldstein said. Goldstein added, “By brave, I mean stupid,…