Killing the Buddha


A Peruvian baby is adopted. 32 years later, she returns with her camera.

Lookalikes of Kate Middleton, Britain's Prince William and Queen Elizabeth stand outside a church during a media event in London. From Reuters.

Prince William Ate My Religion

The royal wedding is a reminder of what’s wrong with Anglicanism.

pontifigate condoms

Pontifigate Comes to Downing Street

Young Steven Mulvain has come under fire for a leaked British Foreign Office memo in which he suggests some activities for the Pope in his upcoming visit to Britain, including…


Found in Translation

A faith found in Tulsa translates to Berlin

Would a children's book be a better response?

A Whole Lot of Stupid

And other factors involved in the transformation of cartoons into riots.

"In Islam, it is not the content of an image that is blasphemous, but the very act of depiction."

The Right to Blaspheme

“God is not mocked,” and other proposed editorial guidelines.

"'Show some respect,' I told myself. After all, Mary is a Jewish mother."

The Only Jew for Miles

An unlikely pilgrim to Poland sees more, and less, than he’d hoped.

Black Darkness at rest

St. Patrick’s Purim Shpiel

An American Jew dresses up like an Irishman, and tells of his odyssey through the land of blarney.

Artist's rendering of the proposed national German Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

An Immodest Proposal

The Berlin Holocaust memorial threatens closure for a wound the author wants to remain open.