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Crapping My Sacred Underwear

The Lord literally covers the asses of his children.


Paper Hearts

I resent that it is necessary to clarify my religious beliefs before I will be invited for coffee.

William Lane Craig, from his July 2013 email newsletter.

7 Habits of a Highly Effective Philosopher

Life lessons from the Christian apologist William Lane Craig.

Killing the Buddha

The Last Convert

In reference to Michael Snyder’s “The End of the Earth,” one narendran wrote to us with just this: I have always wondered what would happen to the profession of missionary work…

Clouds and light facing west down the Beagle Channel. Photo by author.

The End of the Earth

Bringing the gospel where it isn’t really wanted.

Mural by Juan O'Gorman in the town library of Patzcuaro, Mexico. Photo by Howie S., at Western Civ.

Paradise for Pagans

Thomas More’s Utopia was a joke that nobody got—especially in the New World.


Haiti Haiti Haiti!!!

PSA for KGOD, Boise Idaho. 1/2010 A.D. (GARY OWENSESQUE ANNOUNCER) Americans! You know that thing where there’s only one set of footprints on the beach ’cause that’s where Jesus carried…