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This weekend is the World Sc buy cheap cialis ience Festival here in New York. All over the city, prestigious persons are taking the stage to discuss quantum physics, avian…

Killing the Buddha

More KtB on Happy Days

Happy Days, the delightful New York Times blog that linked to us last week, now has another bit of Buddha-killing on its pages, a new essay from recent Buddha-killer Mark…

Killing the Buddha

Google as God

Tucker Lieberman just alerted us to a .pdf version of his recent bit in American Atheist, “Google as God: A Theology of Information Technology”: Here we examine the behavior of…

Killing the Buddha

The Little Servant of God

A new BBC documentary introduces the gospel’s most adorable foot soldier.

Christ, detail from Crucifixion, by Cimabue (active 1270-1302)

Heart Failure

Jesus on the cross is one thing, but her father is another.


Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness

We just received an announcement about a wild new book that may interest some of you wackos out there. You know those funny little lines and dots that float in…

Killing the Buddha

Ars Moriendi

“To study philosophy,” wrote the French essayist Montaigne, “is to learn how to die.” In medieval times, particularly as the Black Death spread through Europe, the art of dying—ars moriendi—became…

Killing the Buddha

Blinded By Science

Remember Paul Shanley? He was said to be the worst of the pedophile priests, sentenced in 2005 to 12-15 years. But soon, he’ll get another day in court, as Massachusetts’…

Killing the Buddha

Happy Darwin Day

We got a request this week to do something to celebrate Darwin Day here at KtB. Nothing was really planned, but it does give us the opportunity to do a…

all images by Nathan Schneider

Proof Enough for Me

When the usual proofs for God don’t do the trick, sometimes you have to think up your own.

Killing the Buddha

Divinity & Disgust

The question of where morality comes from remains a bee in the bonnet of both religionists and philosophers. Or perhaps it only seems so because we’ve lately been reading a…

Andre mural from Fellowship Place, painted by Erin Drake.

The Real Truth About Alien Abductions

The over-drugged and under-loved make their own way in the world, even when the FBI tries to make them forget.


Articulate Enemy

Is there a nice way to call someone a fool? Sam Harris doesn’t think so.
A review of his new book, Letter to a Christian Nation.

Night falls on a Testing Center.

The Choice is Yours

How would William James rate on a Scientology E-meter? An excerpt from the new book, The Devil is a Gentleman.

Stained Glass

God’s Own Knowledge

A theology of sex shops, movies, and nothingness may be the biggest thing to hit Christianity since Martin Luther.



“Lecturing to a conference of American monastics, Dr. Luc Clement raises a femur above his head and waves it like a flashlight on a runway.”