Happy New Year from KtB!

Herewith, in the spirit of the season, a highly subjective New Year’s Eve countdown of our favorite KtB moments of 2013.

10 Illustrated posts by Communicant Mary Valle.

9 New books by Buddha-killers.Art by Emma Bailey

8  hot tips on new Buddha-killing movies by Becky Garrison.

7 Habits of a Highly Effective Philosopher.

6  Pieces of original reporting from Syria, Yemen, Kashmir, Argentina, and Cambodia.

5  Impassioned responses to Kaya Oakes’s essay Torn Bread, on women and Communion.

4  Episodes of #HolySeeArt, Mary Valle & Duncan Murrell’s Twit crit of the Pope’s image machine.

Heart-piercing essays by KtB editor Ashley Makar, on the impossibilities of prayer on chemo.

2  New works by the awesome Darcey Steinke, one true, one not.

1  Great magazine, wouldn’t you say? Consider supporting us, please. And stay tuned for exciting news in 2014!