Serve Man

The Most Dangerous Game

David Holthouse, in Alternet, reports on the twice yearly Machine Gun Shoot in West Point, Kentucky, where he found lots of Nazi t-shirts and books and anti-Muslim paraphernalia for sale, along…

"Burning Man 2009" by Mindaugas Danys, via Flickr.

Castles Made of Sand

Some pointed questions about Burning Man for Steven T. Jones.

Still from the movie "Ghost," with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze (1990).

The Sexologist’s Secret

What a radical Victorian feminist really knew about love.

"View down on Beacon Hill & Back Bay" by Werner Kunz via Flickr.

A Package Arrives

“We just put it into a drawer, because we had enough to deal with.”

Buy the book.

Long Live the Occult

Over at BigThink, Mitch Horowitz gives a whirlwind tour of American occultism, from its Renaissance origins to New Age spirituality, from Lincoln’s White House séances to quantum physics, from the…

"GOP Bigotry" by Bob Bobster, via Flickr.

The Anti-Muslim Machine

Park51 is only the latest, and it won’t be the last.

Richard Smith as Henry David Thoreau. Photograph by Maria Lewis.

Becoming Thoreau

A living historian’s peculiar communion at Walden Pond.


I Pledge Allegiance to the Christian Flag?

Flags get people all bent out of shape, that’s for sure. They will kill and die to defend them and freak out if you let them touch the ground and…

God in America

Liveblogging “God in America,” Day 2

Okay, day 2, hours 3 and 4, of PBS’s new special, “God in America.” See yesterday’s liveblogging here. Please join the conversation live in the comments! (Also, check out Patheos’…

God in America

Liveblogging “God in America” on PBS

I’m doing this because… why not? Never done it before, and thought it might be fun. Here’s the official website. Join in if you like in the comments! Also: Day…

Photo of Ofelia Rivas by Jason Jacks for The Sierra Club.

Today Needs Another Name

This Columbus Day, the spirit of 1492 is alive and well.

Killing the Buddha

Reverend Phelps, Your Cause Is Just!

Occasionally KtB just can’t resist sharing its space with some of the wild letter-writers we hear from on a regular basis. They, after all, are part of the cacophony choir,…

Killing the Buddha

The Heart of Dixie in Jerusalem

What does college football have to do with the Holy Land? The University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide, the third-ranked Southeastern Conference team that just beat Duke 62 to 13, has an…

White skinned male mannequin, lighted from the right side of the image, sitting behind a large shop window. It has strong features, colorful eyes and plastic hair. Behind it there are two other models, another white one and a female mannequin with shiny black hair.

The Reconciliation of Unbelief

A story within the AIDS story.

The Jorts of Freedom

Glenn Beck: Fashion and Principles

Glenn Beck recently threw a party for an “overwhelmingly white” crowd on the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech. I’m not going to make a…

First Baptist Church at Greene Street at Eigth Street in Augusta, Georgia, birthplace of the Southern Baptist Convention. Photo by Sir Mildred Pierce, via Flickr.

All Part of His Plan

A new book bears witness to Baptist sexual abuse.

Michael Jackson

American Jesus: Glam for God

After feasting on Andy Warhol’s rendition of the Last Supper at the Brooklyn Museum, I attended the opening of David LaChapelle’s American Jesus with some anticipation. After all, this noted…

Killing the Buddha

Independence Day, almost

This one day during basic training when we did a night live fire exercise crawling under exploding things made me kind of done with fireworks. I was low-crawling through the…