pontifigate condoms

Pontifigate Comes to Downing Street

Young Steven Mulvain has come under fire for a leaked British Foreign Office memo in which he suggests some activities for the Pope in his upcoming visit to Britain, including…

Clerical Wipes

Catholic Watergate

Are you one of those who loves Watergate, and wishes that you could have lived through it? Is All the President’s Men one of your favorite movies? Did you spend…

Killing the Buddha

Thoughts detected above Ratzinger’s HQ

That damned American Sister Formation Movement was surely the work of Satan— Only Lucifer could possibly think that sisters needed higher education For what? Teaching brats? Cleaning bedpans? Polishing chalices?…

Killing the Buddha

A Poet’s Suggestions for the Pope

Quentin Kirk—who has been a Cold War spy and a schoolteacher but now literally wears a “poet” hat—sent us the following dispatch today. From Quentin Kirk, a poet living in…

Benedict XVI visits a mosque.

Let’s Pretend

A clash of civilizations, or a failure of the imagination?

Pope John Paul II

The Last Papal Picture Show

The life, death, and ever-changing image of an icon.


The Pope Converts

When will the Roman Catholic Church come out of the theological closet?