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Silver Trumpets

The rise and fall of a cussin’ campus Christian rock star.


My Skyhawk Guardian Angel

What happens when Jesus is the victim of a hit and run?


Found in Translation

A faith found in Tulsa translates to Berlin

"The bread, I learned, was baked by the people I took communion with..."

Take This Bread

An unlikely convert learns that believing and understanding don’t always arrive at the same time.

"The Coming of the Lord" (detail), by William Thomas Thompson.

The Colorful Apocalypse

What does it take to be an “outsider artist”? Brushes, paint, and revelation.

"The Basilica unquestionably qualifies as marvelous, if luridly excessive..." (photo by Blake Lambert)

Notes on an Empty Church

If you pay a visit to the biggest church in the world, don’t be surprised if you’re the only one there.

Benedict XVI visits a mosque.

Let’s Pretend

A clash of civilizations, or a failure of the imagination?

"I don't know tongues, but I know how Holy Ghost people talk to the Lord."

My Holy Ghost People

When a family speaks in tongues, can an unbelieving daughter find her voice?

"Christ and Buddha" by Ruth Jones

The Temptation of Belief

What happens when you envy those whose faith you fear?

Il Santo preaches to fish.

Tongue Kissing

The odd romance of relics and the people who love them.

"If someone calls you a shell," she asked, "do you think it's meant as a compliment?"


In a church basement support group, the help you find isn’t always the help you’re looking for.

photo by Gordon Parks, circa 1940

The Singing, Not the Song

In which a godless music fan comes dangerously close to having a religious experience.

Reinhold Niebuhr

Reading Niebuhr Instead

A Christian realist for the reality-based community.

"'Pray for strength,' he said.  'I need strength.'"


An ex-con challenges his teammate’s faith.

"No deus climbed from the machina..."

Praying the Deus ex Machina

Can words pull God from his machine?

“I wonder if I will fall over, under the power of the Spirit of God…”

Fresh! Joy!

Not quite slain in the spirit at Oral Roberts University.

The 1954 Milan Indians: “the real Hoosiers”

Waiting for Chitwood

In Brooklyn, Jesus takes it to the hoop.

Bible Porn

Bible Porn

Sometimes corrupting children is a religious duty.