Fundies and Aspies

Ned Spodos has seen it from both sides.


Cloudy Coffee

Left out of Kannada conversation, I always recognize “coffee.”

by maorzo, via Flickr

Black Preacher at the Family Reunion

“Do it or I’ll cut your throat,” Kevin said. You thought about it, yelling the word and then running and it would all really just be a game.

William Lane Craig, from his July 2013 email newsletter.

7 Habits of a Highly Effective Philosopher

Life lessons from the Christian apologist William Lane Craig.

"They said father didn't keep his Life Insurance paid up!"—advertisement for Prudential Insurance Company of America.

Truth-Telling in Vulgaria

Questions for Kathryn Joyce, who bursts the international Christian adoption bubble in her new book, The Child Catchers.

by *Nom & Malc, via Flickr

Single Sister

I wondered if she wanted to leave. If she asks me to drive her away, would I take her?

Killing the Buddha


A Peruvian baby is adopted. 32 years later, she returns with her camera.

Killing the Buddha

Farewell, Olympia

I want to apologize to Republican Maine Senator Olympia Snowe, who announced last week that she will not seek re-election.  Some time in the early 1990s, as a teenager growing up in Downeast Maine, I dressed up as Senator Snowe for Halloween. (Pictures will remain in a sealed vault.) First as a representative, then as…

Rev. Sekou preaching at KtB's Tin Anniversary Spectacular in 2010. Photo by Aslan Chalom.

Call Received

An interview with Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou.

Wall of room in Ward Retreat 1 at St. Elizabeth's psychiatric hospital in Washington, D.C. Via the Otis Historical Archives National Museum of Health and Medicine.

A Message from Prison

When somebody just needs to disappear.

Wm & H'ry

Blogging the Jameses

Reading the correspondence of Henry and William James, it’s surprising to see just how much of William’s will-to-believe doctrine and his ideas of the religiously “sick souled” appear, in nascent form, in letters to his brother. What’s even more surprising is measuring, in Henry’s replies, just how much of his brother’s thought crept into his…


Festival of the Hungry Ghosts

What to make when it’s your turn to feed a dead grandmother?


Family Tree

All in the Coven

P120012 by peggydavis66 via Flickr

Officer, I Can Explain

Even the law is telling me not to fuck things up.

Some other answers.

Religion: ___

Once July 15 passes, it’s all back-to-school displays in the megastores and reenrollment paperwork/digital forms/paying of tuition tout de suite. It still makes my stomach hurt. A friend just passed along this list from her son’s back-to-school forms. If you’re wondering what the religion choices might be at an “independent” “East Coast” stone-walled place of…

Geraldo Alfonso collage, from Gray Art and Raw Vision.

Ghosts in the Mirrors

The making of a Santero artist as an old man.

Mark Almlie, 37, Petaluma, CA.


He wants to shepherd a flock of God’s people but can’t, ’cause he’s single. *Ahem.* “Those collars are kind of cool.”

"Our Lady of Lebanon" by Rebecca Wilson via Flickr.

Missing Communion

“God liked people who could admit to their total raw fear.”